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Bhandari Gaon, Tokha-11, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Theater Drama Show

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Drama: The Grave of Knowledge
Location: Nepal Matri Griha, Tokha-11, Bhandari Tole
Date: 2nd Magh 2079
Time : 4:00 PM
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Shobha Rai
Chairperson, NMG

It is a great satisfaction every time I look back to our past achievements and always set newer targets each preceding year. More outstandingly we have been able to touch and change more lives and bring out a smile in their faces and restore all their basic rights. We strongly believe that strengthening community systems is the only way to sustain all development efforts. Hard work is the key to success, but without …


      Joga Singh Dhami
     Director, NMG

Since 2000 to till now, Nepal Matri Griha has built a unique position in the provision of social, health and academic fields, and here I am very comfortable to say I am part of this organization, I am pleased to play a part as Director of the organization; who have to act with a big responsibility to go at the forefront. And I am exceedingly happy to say, we have been blessed with …


One of the most honored words in Nepali has to be Matri which means mother. The word Matri is a very pious word and whosoever is called by the name is a person who sacrifices and prioritizes her children over anything. She is someone who natures, loves and adores her child. Similarly the word ‘Griha’ means a place (home) where a person is safe and secured. Thus, Nepal Matri Griha is a combined term indicating a place blessed where it hear the voice of deprived people, address the problems, bring aid or help, take care like a mother, address developmental aid and sustainable development forming a non- discriminatory society.

Working as a volunteer in Nepal Matri Griha (NMG)

When we left the Netherlands to go to Nepal Matri Griha, I was not sure what to expect and what my main activity was going to be at NMG. The center turned to be very good organized, so I could start directly to teach in the two little classes with disable children .I found that was very difficult to teach children that have different developmental level and have different problems.

Soon was made clear what kinds of exercises are good for the specific child. Most of the children were hungry for homework, which I enjoyed very much .The lessons and exercises were very different from those I’m used to in the Netherlands. We introduced some new methods of learning, more interactively, more use of lessons materials and so more drawings, coloring and arts. The reaction of the children for us was good sign to go on with this. It’s amazing how fast I get close to all children at both classes. When I looked at all the drawings, poems and flowers the children gave me. I was glad to see that they also enjoyed the time we’ve spent together. It’s nice to see that you can make things so clear with expressions and less words .It also very nice to see the improvements the children have made in the last five weeks in subjects like Maths, English and science. I hope that they will keep in mind the things that I taught them .I am very curious to see how the children will develop themselves, but I know Shobha, Bimal and the rests of the staff try the best they can for children. I’ve had a wonderful time and I hope to come back soon!!!  Thanks to everybody for very warm welcome every day again!!!!

Jasmin Touw, the Netherlands

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