A Society Free From Trafficking Of Children & Women






Bhandari Gaon, Tokha-11, Kathmandu, Nepal

Schools are the epicenters of learning- NMG run an outreach programmed Educational Scholarship Children Program (ESCP) -which distributes educational resources and materials to children in rural, economically marginalized communities. NMG works all the way through the effort with compelling new thinking and evidence; promote effective and scalable practices; and communicate, advocate, and build the capacity for reform. NMG focus on strengthening educational systems to ensure all children receive an education that enables them to engage in meaningful work and contribute as citizens in diverse societies. We afford ESCP from disadvantaged or marginalized communities with an access of quality education. ESCP efforts support greater access and affordability, and innovations that increase the likelihood that student will earn degrees and cultivating the next generation of public intellectuals to inform and inspire social justice progress.

NMG supports vulnerable children and families by strengthening the community organizations where they live to connect them to these necessary services. We work with schools to waive school fees for the most vulnerable children, and set up children and families with income-generating activities to earn extra income. We connect children and families with health assessments, nutrition services, and psychosocial support. Our child protection curricula ensure that children–especially girls–are aware of their rights, so that they can avoid abuse and sexual exploitation. We link community organization to government service providers, and also work with government to advocate for vulnerable children’s rights. By strengthening the community’s existing services and filling critical service gaps, we ensure that children and their families have the right to a promising future.

The classes help children form a habit of coming to school habitually. NMG scholarship students make learning joyful and effective, which encourages the holistic development of the child. Children who have passed through ESCP develop good study habits, health practices and socialization that will serve them throughout their lives. And creating a healthy academic atmosphere is essential for educational success. This helps improve the quality of education, increase school enrollments and reduce dropout rates. NMG constantly reinforces the idea that the education of children goes hand in hand with the overall improvement of the community brought about by women’s groups. By promoting inter-generational solidarity, NMG strives to ensure that the education of children benefits not just them as individuals but all of Nepali society and to help a new generation of community leaders to emerge.

The foremost objective of this organization is to make education affordable to everyone and for this purpose we work in collaboration with several reputable educational institutions and offer scholarships up to 100% to the deserving students in these institutions so that they can study and serve their country in future. ESC Program offers scholarships in all academician levels i.e. from Nursery to grade 10.

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