A Society Free From Trafficking Of Children & Women






Bhandari Gaon, Tokha-11, Kathmandu, Nepal

From the Desk of the Director

Since 2000 to till now, Nepal Matri Griha has built a unique position in the provision of social, health and academic fields, and here I am very comfortable to say I am part of this organization, I am pleased to play a part as Director of the organization; who have to act with a big responsibility to go at the forefront. And I am exceedingly happy to say, we have been blessed with generous donors and the dedicated staff, as due to which our expectations have been exceeded. Priority will be given to the establishment of a transparent system which utilizes accountable operational processes. NGO member capacity building, acquiring and utilizing supportive resources and coordination of all stakeholders will our top responsibilities.

Safety of children is always a top priority, we have successfully handled many projects related to education and health sectors and our commitments are to lead NMG under democratic norms and values, and to strengthen the networking of all democratic NGOs in Nepal. We envision a society where all indigent, differently able & aged has equal opportunities to grow. As we know that NMG is a leading humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting poverty and social injustice, fully focused to poor deserving children of Nepal. Our mission is to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities, we facilitate lasting change by strengthening capacity for self-help, providing economic opportunity, delivering relief in emergencies, and addressing discrimination in all its forms, which are guided by the aspirations of local communities.  NMG has grown into one of the most transparency organization where our commitment to the people of 77 districts.

COVID pandemic affected education sector too, the schools closure and online classes had taken, we could clearly see big yawning gaps in all aspects of learning, after physical reopening and with support and trust from parents the schools are backed on its tracks. Now our intension is to return your hope and support by maintaining strong educational standard and conducive environment. So far as we know that our main focus has been on education, health care, awareness, social drama, vocational training, promoting and protecting child and women rights.  We have been spearheading a number of programs for the benefit of those who had no access or those who were denied such basic rights. Whatever you want to do in life, education is a very valuable investment and should be birthrights that will open the doors to a wealth of career choices. The aims to develop the children expertise and knowledge in a supportive and stimulating environment and see them on the right pathway towards their future. Educational Scholarship Children Project (ESCP) is playing a key role in the encouragement of education by vigilantly polishing and refining their distinctive qualities through the various interdisciplinary tools of edification and enabling children to face challenges. Likewise Physiotherapy Children Project (PCP) aimed at helping patients maintain, recover or improve their physical abilities. Our physiotherapists work with patients whose movements may be undermined by aging, disease, environmental factors, or sporting hazards through actions of prevention, intervention, promotion, habilitation, and rehabilitation. But still their parents are thinking about disability as sin of their past life and prefer to be the subject of pity and charity rather than to seek their rights to live a respectable life in the society. The NMG`s notion that people with disabilities have equal rights and duty as any other individual. And, Primary Health Care Project (PHCP) is socially appropriate, universally accessible, scientifically sound first level care that focuses on health care services, includes health promotion, illness prevention, treatment and care of the sick, community development, and advocacy and rehabilitation and gives priority to those most in need. PHCP has been designed to help the actual needy people who walk through our door to get well their physical conditions and many more others.

Everywhere the global crisis is facing poverty and scarcity. More significantly we have been able to touch and change far more lives with each passing year and bring out a smile in their faces and restore the child’s rightful childhood. And one more again, I would like to thank each and every supporter of our program who has helped us with their costly time, energy and resources in making each and every program of ours a runaway success. We hope that our friends will always remain with us and their supports shall grow stronger with each passing year as we set greater targets for achievements. We vow to continue working with honesty, efficiency and sincerity on all fronts and make sure that our programs will help in building a better society, nation and world as a whole.

Joga Singh Dhami
Nepal Matri Griha