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Bhandari Gaon, Tokha-11, Kathmandu, Nepal

Minu Pattel – Grade 7

Minu is currently studying in Grade 7 in Shree Mansingh Dharma Secondary School under the Educational Scholarship Children Program (ESCP). She is 14 years old and is very active in her class. She equally participates in different programs like dancing, games etc. organized by the school. Just from a couple of weeks ago her school […]

Pranisha Thami

Pranisha9 years girl from Ramechhap and is staying with her parents in Gongabu. She is the only child of Bhim Kumar Thami and SushilaThami. Both her parents left their village in search of good opportunities and betterment of their future. Pranisha was born in Kathmandu and is studying in Grade 3 in Scholastic National Academy […]

Sadikshya Thami, 8 years old girl from Damara

Sadikshya Thami, is a 8 years old girl from Damara, one of the most remote areas of Nepal. Most of the remote areas lack basic facilities like education, sanitation, health service etc. Her parents Mohan and Ambika Thami left their village in search of better livelihood for their children. Sustaining livelihood in Kathmandu is not […]

Esther Mangranti

Esther Mangranti is 8 years old an honest and intelligent girl; studies in class Two at Scholastic National Academy (SNA). She is the third child of Mr. KhemrajMangranti and Mrs. LaxmiMangranti. She has two elder sisters and their names are BarshaMangranti and Merry Mangranti. She is the permanent resident of Sangla, Kathmandu which is under […]

Education transformation for needy & vulnerable children

Schools are the epicenters of learning- NMG run an outreach programmed Educational Scholarship Children Program (ESCP) -which distributes educational resources and materials to children in rural, economically marginalized communities. NMG works all the way through the effort with compelling new thinking and evidence; promote effective and scalable practices; and communicate, advocate, and build the capacity […]