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Bhandari Gaon, Tokha-11, Kathmandu, Nepal


One and all knows that schools are always the epicenters of learning so the NMG runs an outreach program, “Educational Scholarship Children Program (ESCP)” to help those targeted children; it works in collaboration with several reputable educational institutions and offer them 100% scholarship (It includes educational-materials and resources required to support their learning including with uniforms, text-books, stationeries and bi-weekly medical checkups and it will offer free medicines, if needed.  Besides those, the students will get cooked-food in their lunch-break-time.) to ensure that not to financially burden to their families so they can easily study from Nursery to grade 10. Besides that, it distributes educational resources and materials to the needy children of economically marginalized communities.

Every day, we commit our energy to this goal, but now we need your help in order to offer a better education to as many children in Nepal as possible. We believe that offering these children the gift of knowledge is one of the most effective ways to stop the malicious cycle of poverty and suffering. NMG comes forward to sponsor the children who are helpless, resource-less, opportunity-less, and exposed to all sorts of abuse and exploitations. They are unguarded and unprotected, being victims of family breakdowns, domestic abuse and/or abuse under alcoholic influence.

After a while, those students will earn degrees and cultivate the next generation of public intellectuals. They will inform and inspire social justice progress, where they will be engaged in meaningful work and contribute as citizens in diverse societies. ESPC-scholarship students make learning joyful and effective, this encourages the holistic development of the child; develops good study habits, health practices and socialization that will serve them throughout their lives. This helps to improve the quality of education, increase school enrollments and reduce dropout rates. 

This project is designed to achieve the following major objectives:

  • Access of resource-less, opportunity-less and deprived children to school.
  • Retention of children from poor family background at school through innovative teaching and learning methods and child friendly approach of education.
  • To educationally empower the persons with disabilities in an integrated environment.
  • To distributes educational resources and materials to the disadvantaged children of economically marginalized communities.
  •  To develop good study habits, health practices and socialization that will serve them throughout their lives and creating a healthy academic atmosphere for educational success.
  • To ensure that the education of neglected children benefits not just them as individuals but all of Nepalese society.