Nepal Matri Griha’s Project “Helping Hand for Physical Mental Challenged Children Project (HHPMCCP)” is the only one place in Nepal where physiotherapy and schooling is provided side by side. In Nepal, disabled children are facing a lot of hindrances in every step of their daily life due to traditional concept (disability is caused due to the sin committed inprevious life) and due to irresponsive government, the issues of disabled people are not addressed. Many people believe that bearing children with a disability is a curse, stigmatizing disability as a whole and forcing people who have them to live in the shadows, , marginalized by society. Schools, colleges and universities are not seen thoughtful about disable people could be their student. The concept of needs of the people with disability still has not emerged in peoples mind. They also have similar and equal human rights as other people. So NMG had launched its own center that provides medical and various therapy treatments to physically disabled children under the age of 16 years. NMG uses different therapies such as physiotherapy, sand therapy, water therapy and vocational training to help develop the physical and mental capabilities of children with disabilities and grooming them to be independent adults.

The main aims of the above programme are listed below:

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