A Society Free From Trafficking Of Children & Women






Bhandari Gaon, Tokha-11, Kathmandu, Nepal

Theater for Social Issue and Awareness (TSIA)

The program ‘Theatre for Social Issue and Awareness’ was inaugurated in 2019 A.D. “Performing arts can change the world” is a foremost slogan of TSIA. Starting the theatre house can be changed behavior of the people, the theatre performances touch on a variety of subjects like – environment, nutrition, health, gender, discriminations, education, disabilities, and people`s rights etc. and also, that sharing the human knowledge and experiences – to express or transfer emotion, feelings, ideas, information throughout theatrical mechanisms. It targets to draw raw stories in the theatre workshop form the society, polish it and send it back to the society as the delicious theatrical dish. NMG desires to set up theatre as a respectable profession and foster the theatre going culture in the Nepalese society.

Theatre has been a powerful medium of expression along with its focus on positive decision making and moral development. On condition that TSIA have always wanted to help uplift society, as the environmental, economic, social and spiritual problems affecting the world intensified around us, this need became ever stronger. Cases of crime against women and children such as trafficking, polygamy, child marriage, rape, attempted rape, domestic violence continues undebated in the country. This project will be help to fight against these social problems and promote the role of women in society. Another benefit of this program is it prevents suicidal thoughts among children and their parents through the medium of theatre. This program provides opportunities for disability and underprivileged to build skills in confidence, expressing ideas, movement, voice and articulation improvisation and performance along with awareness to government and society.

And other hand, once you have joined in the theatre, you can get the absolute guidance to learn new approaches, methods, techniques for acting in a professional manner that easily helps to join TV and film acting studios for their earnings.