A Society Free From Trafficking Of Children & Women






Bhandari Gaon, Tokha-11, Kathmandu, Nepal

Primary Health Care Children & Parents Project (PHCCPP)

The private medical institutions are accessible but they are most costly, and it is out of reach of the common man so along these lines, Primary Health Care Children Parents Project (PHCCPP) is established in 2006. The primary aim of PHCCPP is to provide doctorial and nursing care to its benefices on 09:00 am to 05:00 pm. It provides basic treatment for all beneficiaries of the societies. The PHCCPP has a trained nurse during its working hours; attends to minor injuries and routine dressing and a qualified doctor is available bi-weekly or for more if needed. Maintaining a patient centered atmosphere is the top priority and improving the health status of all its patients by providing accessible, affordable, quality primary healthcare services to one and all. PHCCPP offers follow-up, continuity of care, pharmacy support, and supportive services to help patients in need. How difficult it can be to pay medical bills following an emergency surgery or other chronic medical cure! PHCCPP offers cash-support to the chronic-patients who are truly in need of further treatment in big hospitals.

Opportunities must be provided equally to all individuals irrespective of their gender, age, caste, color and social class for reducing exclusion and organizing health services around people’s needs and expectations, integrating health into all sectors. It works to assure that our clients have greater access to resources in the community. Every year more than 4200 people are cured under PHCCPP; its daily activities are health promotion, prevention and treatment of common diseases and injuries, basic emergency services, referrals to/coordination with other levels of care, illness prevention, care of the sick, advocacy and community development.   

Before they become serious enough to require hospitalization or emergency treatment, the free services and provisions at the center continue to make an impact on the health and welfare of the communities from the support of health awareness (family planning, sanitation and hygiene etc.) to prevent the spread of infections and diseases. The center is working to improve the basic health conditions such as immunization, dental, eye, ante- and post-natal care, birth control advice, wound care etc. of local individuals.


  • Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Family Planning
  • Women’s Health
  • Maternal, New-born and Child Health
  • Personal and menstrual hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Health system strengthening.