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Bhandari Gaon, Tokha-11, Kathmandu, Nepal

Vocational Trainings (VTS)

The targets of the trainings are to increase the employability of these individuals so they are more able to secure their works. Gender discrimination still exists across Nepal and this further reduces the opportunities for women across the country. When a new government comes to power, the main agenda becomes creation of employment opportunities but the government could not deliver to all like they said. Unemployment is an economic situation in which people are deprived of work. It is pervasive and is experienced by all economies of the world. Unemployed people are those who are basically without work. Unemployment rate in Nepal decreased to 3.20 percent in 2017 from 3.40 percent in 2016 and a record low of 1.90 percent in 1999. Similar as, 25 % people are living below the poverty line, earning on 50 cents per day; it indicates Nepal one of the poorest countries in the world. Rates of disease, malnutrition and child mortality are also high in Nepal. Around 5 million people in Nepal are undernourished. NMG has been working extensively in development sector across the field of education, child protection, health, Rehabilitation and livelihood for last 22 years. This vocational training programme was also developed for betterment of society that targets underprivileged children and families below poverty line. NMG had runs income generating vocational trainings to the parents of targeted children; lonely, helpless and out of government access people so that they can start their own small business that at least they could be able to independent. After training, NMG helps with job placement or self-employment. Moreover the vocational programme provides the youth from marginalized communities with the requisite soft skills needed at the workplace and making the candidates confident through comprehensive training on personality development. That’s why vocational training is necessary.

So, VTs is going to provide are as follows training: –

  • Basic sewing training
  • Cook training (continental)
  • Computer Training
  • Beautician Training