One of the most honored words in Nepali has to be Matri which means mother. The word Matri is a very pious word and whosoever is called by the name is a person who sacrifices and prioritizes her children over anything. She is someone who natures, loves and adores her child. Similarly the word ‘Griha’ means a place (home) where a person is safe and secured. Thus, Nepal Matri Griha is a combined term indicating a place blessed where it hear the voice of deprived people, address the problems, bring aid or help, take care like a mother, address developmental aid and sustainable development forming a non- discriminatory society.

Nepal Matri Griha (NMG) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profitable and a social democratic organization founded under NGOs ACT 1974 A.D., registered in District Administration Office (DAO) and affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC) and District Coordination Committee (DCC), envisions achieving a child-caring society that respects their rights. Since its establishment in 2000, NMG has been engaged in rehabilitation and empowerment of poor, needy, disabled and underprivileged children and their family living on the margins of community, attempting to break the vicious cycle of poverty and get them access to their basic human rights of protection, education, healthcare, participation and opportunities for a livelihood. It works directly with the deprived and disadvantaged children and their families, helping them to break away from the effects of discrimination based on caste, gender, disability and social status