Minu is currently studying in Grade 7 in Shree Mansingh Dharma Secondary School under the Educational Scholarship Children Program (ESCP). She is 14 years old and is very active in her class. She equally participates in different programs like dancing, games etc. organized by the school. Just from a couple of weeks ago her school started physical classes and she is so happy to learn new things at school after a long time gap. She is accompanied by her brother and sister while she comes to the school. Her father runs a shop that deals with old unused stuff while her mother works in sewing centre.

Her parents migrated from Rautahat, Madanpur to Kathmandu in order to get better opportunity and provide good schooling to the children in future. Since, her both parents were illiterate; they couldn’t get an expected working opportunity and had to satisfy for whatever work they got. Her father came across NMG while he was working as a labour and got all 3 children admitted to the school. With limited source of income, her parents couldn’t afford the educational expenses. NMG came across their critical financial status and started providing with education support. Minu and her siblings are getting stationery needs like books, copy, pencils, uniforms and additional food supply under the program organized by NMG.

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