Pranisha9 years girl from Ramechhap and is staying with her parents in Gongabu. She is the only child of Bhim Kumar Thami and SushilaThami. Both her parents left their village in search of good opportunities and betterment of their future.

Pranisha was born in Kathmandu and is studying in Grade 3 in Scholastic National Academy (SNA). Her father works as a laborer while her mother is involved in doll making factory to fulfill the needs of the family. Although their family size is small and both parents are working, the funds are not sufficient to fulfill the needs of the family. Her parents are struggling to provide proper education to Pranisha. She is gradually growing her education and had become a basic need and her parents were worried about this situation. One day, her father came across SNA and decided to get an admission for his daughter. Since, then Pranisha is a member of SNA and she is also enrolled under food supply and stationery needs program organized by Scholastic National Academy. In addition, she is also getting books and uniform required for her school hours.

Pranisha is very active and co-operative with her teachers. She equally participates in both curricular and extra-curricular activities. In the time period of pandemic lockdown her family was in trouble because they didn’t have enough food to have too; they were disappointed towards the government activities because in the pandemic lockdown they hadn’t got any relief from the government bodies in Kathmandu as due to they aren’t local people of the valley. When they got some grocery and stationery items from the NMG they were so pleased and thankful towards the NMG for its support in their bad condition.

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