Sadikshya Thami, is a 8 years old girl from Damara, one of the most remote areas of Nepal. Most of the remote areas lack basic facilities like education, sanitation, health service etc. Her parents Mohan and Ambika Thami left their village in search of better livelihood for their children. Sustaining livelihood in Kathmandu is not an easy work for the illiterate, they were unable to get a proper job during their initial stay in capital, and her father bought a Riksha with all the money they had brought from their village. This gave them a source of income and her mother also started to sell maize in a road side area. They moved from one place to another to get a proper rented room.

Finally, they settled in Ganesthan, Gongabu since, NMG is also located in Gongabu, they came to know about this school through neighbored. Once, they were admitted, NMG staff came to know about the handful lifestyle. With all the required investigation, all their history was taken and followed by food support for the family. She is also getting stationary supply for her education. Her parents are very grateful for such humble deed in the society. During the lockdown time it was really awful condition for them because at that moment of time her parents were jobless and it’s really difficult for them to manage two time meal for the entire family members. When NMG launched its COVID-19 relief program; they were offered grocery and stationery items; after receiving the stuffs they were appreciated towards the NMG team and its respected supporters. And after the close of SNA School she has return back to her village with her grandmother and started to go to government school at village.

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