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Bhandari Gaon, Tokha-11, Kathmandu, Nepal

Daulat Bahadur Thapa

Thirty seven years old Daulat Bahadur Thapa was labour who lives in Kanchanpur with his wife Laxmi Devi Thapa (36 Years old ) and four childrens 3 daughters and a son . His two daughters got married at early age , his younger daughter Binisha (4 years old ) she studies in Nursery and his son Bibek Thapa ( 9 years ) studies in class 2 . Continuous lockdown and create huge impact on Bahadurs families life . It has became so difficult to for them to survive with little income.

Still it was bearable for them to surivie with this but later Daulat Bahadur was Diagnosed with tongue cancer in his third stage . He was only bread maker of his home who has huge  reponsibilty  towards  his family as a father and husband .Who could  have imagine that person with huge responsibilty has to be now bed ridden and be burden for them . Now who will take his role as a bread earner .Laxmi Devi Thapa his wife who is not used to be bread earner who used to take care of her home now has to take her husband  place and work as a backbone of her family . She take care of her patient husband not only that also has to feed her family.

Daulats family when they got to know about this they got hope for help and visited us . We decided to help them financially and emotionally for further treatment . Now we are trying our best to support them .

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