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Bhandari Gaon, Tokha-11, Kathmandu, Nepal

…Education is the only weapon with which one can kill ignorance and fight with unawareness. An educated person is able to understand all the faces of any problem and is able to handle the situation in a better way, which leads to a better life. With this consciousness, we wish to offer qualitative edification to face the multifarious challenges in practical life in an ever more complex and competitive world. And it is already proved that among the other schools, the community schools are comparatively more disciplined and their quality is also higher than other schools. Studies have shown that the more the investment, the more disciplined and higher the quality of education. There is the need to increase the community schools like Nepal MatriGriha Social School to enhance the quality of education; otherwise, poor people of Nepal rarely get opportunity to acquire quality education.   Precisely, the amended draft of ‘Disability Persons Welfare and Protection Act 2039 (DPWA)’ also is not fully ensure the equitable and dignified life of people with disabilities. The Constitutional clauses also have not been enacted to make special arrangements for the people with disabilities. To address the need of reservation to insure participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of social life, the present constitution also need to be amended accordingly. Moreover, still a large number of the disabled persons have not got any kind of treatment. This could be due to lack of knowledge and awareness that impairment can be treated. It could also be because the family does not have the resources, or because the health facilities do not function properly. So NMG had launched its own Physiotherapy Centre provides medical and various therapy treatments to physically disabled children under the age of 16 years.  So here we are proudly sharing our remarkable history and exciting vision for tomorrow, the service has repetitively expanded in order to address the needs of target groups of people.  We are conceived and designed to counter this imbalance, and to provide, a strong and consistent voice for those who have too often, found themselves under represented, and lacking recourse for improving their lives. So here I would like to sincere thanks to all the supporters who have granted us – their costly-time, vigor and resources in making all projects prolific and additionally, more outstanding thing i. e. our team has been able to transform many-more lives with each passing year, bring out a smile in their faces and bring back their life in a better ways. So here I personally would like to pull out a message of support, and expectation for continued collaborative endeavors in the upcoming days, as well. Thank you.


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